Roots Botanical Serenity Aroma Oil

Roots Botanical Serenity Aroma Oil


Serenity Aroma Oil is a pre-diluted blend of organic safflower oil and organic relaxing essential oils to help you come back to your breath and connect to your inner self. With every inhalation of Serenity Aroma Oil, you will experience a calm, peaceful, untroubled mind with clear & precise thoughts.

This powerful combination is just the ticket for a stressful day at work, emotional distress, agitated thoughts, throbbing headaches, or to help bring your mind back to your breathe for a yoga session. Use during a flight to calm your nerves and anxious tendencies.

HOW TO: Apply to wrists, arms, or temples. Test on small area of arm for skin sensitivity.

STORAGE: Store in cool, dark place to preserve contents. 

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