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Non Toxic Revolution's mission is to inform, educate and inspire young people to revolt against the dangers of toxic chemicals in their environment and food supply, especially those linked to the development of breast cancer. Its aim is to focus on prevention as a means to maintain long-term health and well-being. NTR also provides alternative choices so that young people everywhere can make smart changes.

NTR is part of The Keep A Breast Foundation's mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.


Let's face it our world is rapidly expanding. And with it, come more and more choices for everything from toothpaste to home goods to fancy potato chips. In an effort to sell more products, companies continually seek ways to reduce costs, make food taste better, make products more attractive, increase shelf life and increase crop yields.

One of the tools used to accomplish company objectives is the use of synthetic chemicals. Did you know that, according to data published by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, there are over 3,000 different synthetic chemicals found in our food supply alone? The actual number is much larger because food manufacturers can put such additives into products we eat without telling anyone! There are over 80,000 registered chemicals used in the United States and many of them have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on human health.

Did you ever wonder why “once you pop, you just can’t stop”? What is the secret ingredient that keeps us from wanting to stop eating? Did you ever notice how many times your fluffy white toilet paper just got fluffier and whiter or why you tend to get headaches when you walk into a freshly painted room?

Revolutions have occurred throughout human history and have radically changed our culture. While some chemicals may do wonders for the economics of our market driven culture, others are secretly undermining the health of consumers everywhere. It’s time to take a stand against these toxic chemicals and the companies and industries that provide them.

The first problem is most of these chemicals have not been tested at all. Those that have are poorly or inadequately tested and RARELY have they been tested in combination. That's right, the chemical safety law that is supposed to be protecting us, the Toxic Substances Control Act which comes from 1976, does not require most chemicals to undergo long term testing. In addition, it doesn't require the final products to be tested or that the chemical compounds within each product be tested together. So instead of sitting back and worrying about how scary this information is, Keep A Breast is starting a Non Toxic Revolution!


Although it might not be common knowledge to consumers, the average American adult is exposed to over a hundred chemical ingredients daily in their personal care products according to data from Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  And even scarier, biomonitoring studies conducted by government agencies, university research labs and non-profit organizations have identified the presence of hundreds of synthetic chemicals in the bodies of ordinary Americans. You may have been exposed to dozens of chemical ingredients from your morning shower and beauty routine and have potentially toxic synthetic chemicals building up in your body at this very moment! Some of these chemicals might be carcinogens or reproductive and developmental toxins which may contribute to the life-time risk of developing breast and other cancers.

According to the 2010 “State of the Evidence” report about the connection between breast cancer and the environment, published by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, a public interest organization based in California, the long list of chemicals linked to breast cancer includes hormones in pharmaceutical and personal care products; endocrine disrupting chemicals from all sources (bisphenol A and phthalates, parabens, pesticides and herbicides, fire retardants, chemical pollutants such as PAHs and dioxins, etc.); and industrial carcinogens such as benzene, various solvents and PCBs. The full list would be too long to include here, so check out Breast Cancer Prevention Partners website of Chemicals and Radiation Linked to Breast Cancer - you will learn amazing and potentially worrisome new information.

As Breast Cancer Fund reports, it is difficult to examine the effects of specific chemicals on individual risk for a complex disease such as breast cancer, because the time between exposures and development of the disease may be decades. Also, we are often unaware of which chemicals and/or mixtures of chemicals we may have been exposed to over any period of time. One thing is clear from research – the chemicals in our environment alter our biological processes and our overall exposures are connected to our breast cancer risk.

There is a message of hope in these research findings: we can control our exposure to toxic chemicals through personal action and by leading others to do the same. And w are giving you the tools to make your life healthier today!


In 2000, Shaney jo Darden and Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig founded The Keep A Breast Foundation in response to the growing need for breast cancer awareness programs to educate young people. With their expertise in fashion design, photography and event production, Darden and Gehrig created an awareness campaign like none other by harnessing the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer. Combining sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry, the pair launched a series of art benefits exhibiting one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso, customized by artists and auctioned to raise funds for breast cancer programs all over the world. A 501c3 nonprofit organization, Keep A Breast has produced fundraising events across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe on behalf of charities such as The Young Survival Coalition, Europa Donna and The Breast Cancer Fund.

The success of these art benefits put breast cancer awareness on the map for a younger generation, and in 2004 Keep A Breast realized that was only half the battle. To further its mission to prevent breast cancer, KAB launched a series of education and awareness programs. These unique campaigns use art and artistic expression to inform young people about methods of prevention, early detection, coping and support. Through these programs Keep A Breast strives to eradicate breast cancer by inspiring young people to adopt lifestyle choices that have long-term health benefits. Some of today's most progressive artists, athletes and celebrities have participated in Keep A Breast events, including Shepard Fairey, Dita Von Teese, pro surfers Lisa Anderson and Layne Beachley, musicians Tom Delonge of Angels and Airwaves, Katy Perry, Pink, Maya Ford of the Donnas, The Foo Fighters and many more. Relying on support from partners and dedicated volunteers, Keep A Breast continues to spread its inspiring message through music and other channels in hopes of making a positive impact on the lives of future generations. "We are often struck by the absolute and overwhelming feeling that the work Keep A Breast is doing is important. We can make the difference by raising awareness, raising people's spirits and helping to save lives", says Shaney Jo.


Through cutting edge art events and awareness programs Keep A Breast has evolved into the leading youth focused global breast cancer organization. This distinct approach has merited significant recognition.
Honors and awards include:

  • Yoplait Champion Award to Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
  • Alternative Press, 25 most influential people in the music industry, Award to Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
  • Glue Network Beneficiary
  • The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Award Recipient
  • Emergen-C "Pink Lemonade" Beneficiary
  • The Quiksilver Foundation, International Breast Cancer Initiative
  • The "My Space Impact Award" for Health and Safety
  • TNT Dramatic Difference Award to Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
  • 2010 Official Beneficiary of the Professional Longboard Association
  • Beneficiary of Spencer's Boobies Make me Smile Foundation
  • San Diego Metropolitan Magazine Movers to Watch Award 2009 to Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
  • Warped Tour Take Action Non-Profit Beneficiary


If you would like to learn about NTR's founders, board or download and review our annual financial reports and 990's please visit The Keep A Breast Foundation official website. www.keep-a-breast.org/about.