WTF?! Is The Truth About Soy?!



QUESTION: WTF!? is the deal with soy?

Let’s be real for a second, soy is in EVERYTHING! It can be really hard to avoid. And with all this new information talking about the dangers of soy, things can get a little scary.

What’s truly scary though is GMO soy. To make matters worse, big ol' chemical companies like Monsanto are the ones producing it. So, not only is GMO soy super present in practically everything we eat, it turns out that too much soy can be unhealthy. Research has shown that chemical components in soy may actually promote dementia, cancer, reproductive system problems, and thyroid disorders.

So what do you do about it? 

SOLUTION: Take it easy on the soy!

I know this sounds impossible (especially for vegans and vegetarians!) but don’t fret - there are SO many alternatives! There are tons of products that you can use in place of soy such as nut milks, coconut ice cream, soy free Earth Balance (a vegan butter substitute) - the list goes on and on. Plus, don’t forget, you could always make your own soy alternatives like these great and easy recipes for almond milk, banana ice cream, and vegetable packed mac n cheese.

The most important thing is to avoid heavily processed soy products. Yes, that probably includes your favorite frozen faux chicken strips. If you’re worried about protein, don’t be! There are tons of other healthy vegan protein options like beans, lentils, nuts, a variety of vegetables, chia and flaxseeds, and my personal favorite, tempeh! 

People in places like Okinawa, Japan have high-soy diets and are incredibly healthy. This is because of the types of soy they eat. Rather than heavily processed foods, they consume fermented soy products such as tempeh, miso and natto.

To sum it all up: you don’t need to completely cut soy out of your diet. I highly suggest finding alternatives like the ones listed above and be sure to try out those fermented options. However, don’t be scared to make your favorite tofu dish everyone once in awhile - just be sure it’s organic!


Bree Flory

Bree is a vegan, coffee and beer loving, intersectional feminist who is particularly invested in health. She has a degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from CSULB, where she spent her time turning her passions into academic activism. When she’s not busy spreading awareness on living a non toxic lifestyle, she is most likely taking a long bath, cooking extravagant vegan food, or crying about dogs.