Toxic chemicals and environmental factors are not the only things to blame when we are talking about cancer.

Not that they are actual causes of cancer, but it has been thought that stress, exercise, our state of mind, and our overall outlook on life has a huge role in how and to what degree cancers affect our bodies. So shake it off, smile, relax, and read on about ways to reduce your risk.


The first step to solving any problem is to recognize that it’s there. Why am I feeling like this? Is this stress and is it taking over my situation? Once you are aware of the amount of stress in your life, make a commitment to doing something about it!


Exercise is not only good to maintain your health, (studies published in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia show that physically active women have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than inactive women), but you will also do better at school, work, and have more energy when out on life’s adventures. Make sure that the exercise you choose doesn't stress you out too much. Even something as simple as walking in a park or peaceful place for 20 minutes a day can relieve stress while working your muscles and cardiovascular systems. The National Cancer Institute reports that 30 to 60 minutes per day of moderate to high-intensity physical activity is associated with a reduction in breast cancer risk.


We take breathing for granted sometimes. Learning how to breathe deeply is an easy way to combat stress. It's free and doesn't take much time. Deep breathing will oxygenate your cells and relax your muscles, increasing your circulation. With a little practice you can actually lower your blood pressure just by breathing. Start by just thinking about and paying attention to your breath, then focus on changing it. Breathe deeply from the belly rather than the chest. As the day progresses and the stress of the day hits us, we can begin to take shallow breaths from the chest only. Take a deep belly breath in through your nose, hold it briefly and then exhale fully through your mouth. Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert in health and wellness, suggests a breathing technique call 4-7-8. We breathe in to the count of four, hold it to the count of 7 and then exhale to the count of 8. Each time you breathe deeply, visualize yourself relaxing. It can be a great way to start the day with 8-10 deep breaths and then periodically through the day, if you feel pressure or stress, take a few deep breaths. Breathing is an automatic function but when we get more focused on proper breathing technique our body responds in positive and healing ways.


Positive thoughts can do more than just change your attitude for the day, they can do anything from attracting a cute date to a healthier body and a healthier you! Countless studies show that people are attracted to people with high self-esteem. Now we’re not just talking in the dating world, this works with meeting new people, in the classroom and business world. And the only way to be confident is to think positively.


Relax. Just trust yourself and know that things will always work out as they have always done in the past. Your emotional reactions to stress are determined by your nervous system. If you put your body into a flight or fight situation too often your body can always be poised to react to a crisis. This can lead to a depletion of energy and a complete emotional and physical burnout. Why do you think people get so fatigued or even sick after finals week? By learning to relax, you can train your body to lessen recurrent anxiety symptoms and be in a better place to fight disease.