Open this Pit Up


We use deodorant every day...

So it’s super important that we rock out with the best ingredients for our underarm skin & ditch the ones with zero chill.

We're talking about toxic deodorant and how to avoid all the dangerous ingredients that you don’t want to be exposed to every day. Or ever! Open This Pit Up is a challenge for you to look at your deodorant label and put it to the non toxic test.

I know what you’re thinking, deodorant isn’t an easy switch out! But now it really can be. There are so many natural deodorants coming out that are effective and are only lacking the harmful chemicals that many deodorants contain. For instance, the chemicals below that are red flags when reading a deodorant label. These toxins are being applied to a very sensitive area of your skin, that is prone to breast tumors, and a direct link to your lymphatic system.

Ingredients to Avoid


Good Ingredients

Ok, so we cut out the ingredients that are harmful to our pits, but will the deodorant work now? The right combination of natural or clean ingredients can give you the same effectiveness as the synthetic deodorants you're used to grabbing off the shelf.

Deodorant Myth: Natural Deodorants Make You Sweat More

Mainstream deodorants commonly use harmful ingredients in their antiperspirants and should be avoided (Like the list above). They tend to block you from sweating altogether, which is not good. Our armpits are vital in releasing toxins from our bodies. But, there are ingredients that are natural antiperspirants and perfectly safe. For example, baking soda, cornstarch and arrowroot powder all have properties that keep your dry and control odor. They don't clog your pits from releasing all the toxins like synthetic deodorants like to do. They help the wetness and odor while still letting your body get rid of the nasty things it wants to sweat out. When you switch from a synthetic antiperspirant to a natural deodorant with these ingredients, you may notice an increase in sweat for the first couple weeks, but that is more than likely due to your body purging toxins that have built up.

Have you ever smelled worse after switching to natural deodorant?

Switching from synthetic products to natural ones can be awkward. Body weirdness may occur, but strangely enough that’s good news. That means your body is detoxing all the harmful substances it’s been exposed to over the years. After using synthetic deodorants full of preservatives, endocrine disruptors, and fragrance, you may smell or sweat a little more for a few weeks. Synthetic deodorants tend to block our natural detox, when you switch, the body purges those toxins. This will subside, & then your body will LOVE the non toxic ingredients. You may even find that you smell less without deodorant. Now your pits are hardcore AF and ready to rage!

Our Top Deodorant Picks that are Non Toxic AF

Pit Tip

Download the Environmental Working Group's Healthy Living App to search ingredient safety & even scan products in store so you know exactly what you’re buying!