A pHresh Approach: Why Honestly pHresh Stands Out From All Other Natural Deodorants

 We LOVE Honestly pHresh, and asked their founder, Hilary, to tell her story and the reason why her deodorant formulas work so well with all skin types. See why her deodorants are like none other, and shop them in our marketplace! This blog was written by Hilary Orr, founder of Honestly pHresh.

The American Journal of Public Health studied the skin’s absorption rate of chemicals and found the body absorbs up to 100 percent of chemicals placed on the underarms. It was this fact along with wanting to develop healthy products for my family and loved ones that led me to formulate Honestly pHresh deodorants. However, first, I went on a mission to find a natural deodorant that worked as well as its chemical-laden competitors. This mission failed miserably.

I understand the intimidation people feel when switching from regular to natural deodorants.

No one wants to daily slather chemicals on their underarms, but dragging an unforgiving crystal rock across a sensitive armpit or using a dark charcoal formula is equally unappealing. Never mind that most of these products require a body detox before they work? Seriously? I just wanted a natural counterpart to my Secret or Dove.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created Honestly pHresh to fulfill my need for an environmentally, socially, and people-friendly natural deodorant that felt good to use, contributed to the greater good, and actually worked!

In researching natural solutions, I knew that sweating is a healthy, necessary function of our bodies.

Our sweat is not what causes body odor, but instead it's caused when combined with bacteria found normally on your skin; so I tested a wide range of all-natural active ingredients to find worthy odor adversaries. Soon, I had a short list of naturally derived ingredients that boost healthy bacteria on the skin’s surface and eliminate odor-causing bacteria, including: prebiotics, essential oils and minerals.

Nearly all natural deodorants on the market today rely on baking soda, despite the fact that 50% of people have baking soda sensitivities.

A natural abrasive, soda strips the pH of skin, causing rashes, redness and discoloration. Creating the first all-natural, soda-free deodorant became my driving passion; and today, I’m proud to say Honestly pHresh is the only all-natural, effective pH balanced and baking soda-free deodorant, which means it’s safe for all skin types.

Honestly pHresh formulas are crafted with organic and Fair Trade cocoa, Shea and coconut butters that are nontoxic and beneficial to both people and the environment. We also use essential oils to create our fragrances; many of which are hand-extracted from a local farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, where proceeds benefit the local Boys & Girls Club.

Carefully crafted to meet the needs of busy modern people, who want the best for their bodies and families, Honestly pHresh deodorants are non-sticky, glide on clear, and keep odor at bay all day! Plus, they feature a variety of delightful scents, from spicy and fresh, like bergamot and mint, to floral and fruity, like passion fruit and rose. I invite you to try our deodorants and discover the best all-natural deodorants— bar none!

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Hilary Orr

Hilary is the founder of Honestly pHresh, with a mission is to create the best natural deodorant so that you can live your life confident and Honestly pHresh.